White man

Alan was doing some insulation work in the basement. Not fun, yet it was for me when I saw his outfit! He almost looked like he's working in a nuclear power plant. I loved the very white of his suit contrasting with the blue Nitrile gloves and begged him to pose for me. He obliged gracefully and I did this piece as fast as I could, focusing on the overall shape, noting the deep blue hue so that I could add color later. This was super fun, there is nothing like spontaneity when it comes to drawing.
Micron pen, watercolor.

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Marie-Armelle Lancrey said...

Tu es sûre que c'est Alan ? on ne le reconnait pas du tout, peut-être à cause de la nouvelle coupe de cheveux ???
Mais cette belle tenue de gala, tout en blanc, c'est vraiment du dernier chic.