My gold

Fall is past and winter showing signs of taking over with some basic snow. It's time to be more indoors and I am reflecting on why I am doing this artwork.

I'm not exactly sure why, aside than having been involved into art in one form of another since I was very young. I used to spend hours in my bedroom drawing and being content with that. Today, many years later, I find myself in my studio painting... and being content with that. It simply brings me great happiness to mix paint and use it. I sort of feel as an alchemist, and if the acrylics I use are less precious than gold by far, well, they are my gold. They allow me to translate whatever seems to need to be translated onto those wood panels.
It takes courage: I feel, at times, the anxiety when I start, for the act of creating is not an easy one. Ask any artist. And yet, it is also a catalyst for doing it. Instead of paralyzing me, it motivates me to see what is going to be painted today. There is great joy in that mystery, and yes, courage, for it would be much easier to just sit with a good book by the fireplace. 

I now understand that I need to pace myself a bit. After having started with a bang recently, I am slowing down some, perhaps due to the season, when we retreat inside - homes and ourselves. I am remaining very inspired but I feel that pausing more will benefit my work. So all the desire to keep up with the various media is slowing down too, even though it's critical. I want what I paint to be more known, for I yearn to share it (not so much for an income, although being paid for what you do is always good, right?). I keep posting on Instagram more often as it's easy, less on Facebook as I find it demanding, and I have opened a shop on Etsy so that I would have a way to sell without stressing about it.

And now, it's time to paint, I am very excited to be doing that in 5 minutes: water is ready in buckets, my palette is primed, off to work.

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