Minimalist paint kit for trekking

I was just on a 7-day trek in the Teton range, on Teton Crest Trail, a fabulous experience. I so love hiking and being out on trails for that long period of time, it rewinds my clock, energizes my creativity and allows me time to reflect on aspects of my work and life.

With my backpack weighing around 42 lbs, I had to really trim down on the art supplies! So I chose my little watercolor notebook, a Moleskine one with 60 pages, and good paper, my mini box of watercolors, 1 yogurt pot lid for a palette, 2 tubes of gouache (white and black), 1 small pencil - no eraser (I never use them anyways), 1 apple sauce container for water, 1 tiny light ruler, 1 #3 brush and 1 Niji waterbrush, 1 Copic Multiliner brush 8mm, and 1 Artline pen 0.1.

With the pouch to carry all this, the kit weight is 325g, or 11 1/2 oz. Not bad!

Thus I had the opportunity to write, sketch scenery, work on abstract vignettes too. I never totally stop doing art, it's simply a part of my daily life one way or another.
I'm set for the next trip!

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