It's about sharing

I feel very postive about the recent change of direction in my work. Sometimes it takes some real tuning in, listening, and it can be a very subtle realization or a loud one. Personally, it was both! It was like a bud developing and giving me hints of what I should be doing and stop doing, and then the flower opened, and I knew.

What I absolutely love about creating my art is sharing. We live in society and we need the connection to others, at least most of us, and sharing art is most rewarding. I know that what I draw or paint usually bring a reaction in most people, and that's what I'm after. Sharing means allowing people to express what it is they like, dislike or are indifferent to, basically opening a conversation with them. I doubt that my artwork ever disturbs anyone (although if it does, do let me know why), particularly since I've gone back to painting figuratively. So if it makes one feel more at ease, enjoying what they are looking at, then I feel happy that I've contributed for a moment to a positive state of mind.

There is enough sadness and suffering in this world that if we can bring a little joy to anyone at any time, then it's an act of kindness.

Finally, I feel I am doing the right thing with being on a new path. I have painted 5 paintings and sold 3 within days. That is most encouraging. I am grateful and wish to be bringing you more art often.


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