Landscapes are fun too.

The fall is a very inspiring season in Jackson. Colors abound, contrast too, and the light is magnificent. I feel that everything looks "yummy" and I want to paint it all. I recently finished a painting on leave, which you can look at on my website.

I have also decided to tackle a beautiful landscape view I took a photo of recently. The Teton range presents a variety of looks depending on the season, the conditions, the light. This time, it was dimmed under the clouds' shadows, allowing the enormous field of blonde grass to look stunning, and the distant hills be another lovely element. So, I had to paint it.

I still need to add the mountain range, but the main challenge is painting the clouds, as I'm not sure how I want them to look. I need to experiment on a test panel with varied medium mixes in order to achieve the right effect. I'm also not looking at copying exactly what's there. I know I will come up with something great as I am not satisfied if it's not making the whole look harmonious.

Off to my brushes!
Au revoir,

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