I recently read these questions in Nicholas Wilton's blog: 
  • What changes in your approach to art making have you noticed?

First of all, my commitment to painting a minimum of 3 hours of day, 5 to 6 days a week is making a difference in developing my skills and technique. I am more confident in my strokes, and I have noticed I observe better, as far as shape, value,  and form.

I am also clearer about what I am going to do in a given session: I have a plan that helps start, pursue or finish a painting. I am more clear-minded about the steps I need to take, which leads to better use of my time. This is allowing me to push my work some, try a different technique, slow down, observe more, because I have the time to do so. Recently I painted two different sets of flowers and I really liked the process. I particularly like the tulip as I did it after the daffodils, and I pushed myself to loosen up some. It's still a detailed piece, for it is what I like to paint, but I approached it in a more relaxed manner, and it shows.

Overall, it's very encouraging and if I don't let my progress blind me, I am still pleased with the fact that I'm doing this, for it is not always easy. But I love it, and that makes the difference!

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