I haven't posted for a long, very long time, in fact. 2014 was a year of questioning and being deeply involved in my graphic design work. I went also on a 3-month trip in France, not exactly traveling since I was also working online. I did much, visited friends, family, made new friendships, did a meditation retreat, walked a lot in cool villages, saw some amazing art, was inspired, felt French again when it was time to go back to Jackson.

Upon my return, I realized that I was at a turning point in my life. I wondered about pushing my graphic design business further, as I enjoy it, and it pays me well. However, when I finally allowed myself to be truly honest, I came to realize I simply wanted to be an artist. I wanted to paint and paint and paint. I knew it all along, as one of those truth embedded in you, that keeps pursuing you, yet you never dare looking at it. Well, I did, and this was HUGE for me. This is my life-long passion.

It has many implications. The first one is that I am making a commitment to paint every day, if I can. There will be days when I can't, indeed. I still need to work in my business, I am not ready to let go of it, and it will pay for my art supplies and expenses. So, I will paint every morning and also develop my presence online, as being an artist today is a bit different than when Gauguin was one. You need to get known on the internet. That takes time too. Yet my primary focus will be to work hard in order to get better and get a direction in my art. I am looking at submitting my work to contest, galleries yet being patient with progress. It can't happen overnight

Voilà, this is what is lined up for 2015. I am thrilled. Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss" and I am. This is my passion. I have a voice through my paintbrushes and pens, I intend to let it express itself. I have many details to cover in order to get anywhere, but the foundation is simple: paint and draw.

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