Acrylic on board, 10x10

Art for me is full of surprised as far as the creative process goes. One can fully structure what they will come up with, and I will do that at times, although never fully. I like keeping some margin for surprises. I also work from nothing, spontaneously, and this is where I have no idea what will come out in the end. This very free process keeps me on edge, forces me to keep looking at the piece, finding the way to push it further, until I consider it done. This particular one took me many hours and you can see below what it was like at its early stage.
I can see surrealism in this. I enjoy the odd shapes, how I relate to the quizzical look of the...face ? It is very layered work, and I had my moment of indecision with it. It took stepping away from it regularly for a couple of days, but I trust that I will always come up with a solution.
This is one of the reasons I paint and create art. I like the mystery of it all, the piece that is not yet created and waiting to come to life. So, another one down!

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