When do I paint?

Like everyone these days, I'm very busy with various projects. Most of them are art-related, which is what I prefer by far. But many are not, and this is what our life is made of: following our bliss, when we dare doing so, and everything branching out from it. Then there is... the rest. Some of that "rest" can be quite fulfilling as well, and is necessary; otherwise, as artists, we would be way to obsessed with doing only what we love doing. The rest of life is here to allow us to spend time with family members, walk our dogs, see friends, help others, etc. and address more mundane chores such as shopping for food, cleaning, bills, and more. You know your list, don't you? Some are fortunate and can hire help. Many of us can't and we have to take care of things on top of pursuing our passion.

When do I paint, then? I know morning are when I'd prefer to, but last fall I decided to help a friend of mine for a few hours in the morning during the week. It does help paying bills and it's a fun opportunity to be out of the studio, surrounded with people and helping. I now have as a habit to paint in the afternoon instead, after lunch and exercise. My sessions often start around 3:30 pm and can run until 7 pm with a couple of breaks here and there. I don't like to fall into a rabbit hole while painting and it is good to distance myself from my work. Looking at swallows flying around while sipping on a coffee, or lying in the grass on my back and staring at the clouds are my favorites.

This daily commitment to painting is a great way to progress. There are days, indeed, when I can't paint, or have very little time, and I will always try to get in my studio, even for half an hour. I don't wait for inspiration, I don't let myself be distracted, I simply commit to showing up every day.
It's this constancy that allows my work to move along. 


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