A Primary World

Acrylics on illustration board - 15 x 20 in

I first created the background with much spontaneity, having decided I would mainly use primary colors to see how I could balance them all. Searching for shapes and creating them is a lengthy part that demands constant reassessment of what I am looking at. Nothing is inconsequential, although, with acrylics, it is easy to fix. But I may never be able to reproduce something I liked so my modifications have to be careful. At times, they are a leap of faith, and it either pays off or not.
This particular piece amuses me, probably because of its varied shapes that remind me of creatures. The human mind needing to associate what we see with something familiar, I think it is easy to do so here and have fun.
This is my last piece on illustration board. I have tried this support enough and am not happy with it. From now on, I am working on wooden panels.

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