Auspicious Moons

Acrylics on board 10 x 10 in. (25 x 25 cm)

"Auspicious Moons" - I worked spontaneously on this one. Once again the process is about pushing the piece as far as I think it can go, without being too much. It is not easy to achieve the right balance yet it remains a fascinating search for harmony of the big principles, hues, values, line, color, shape, and space.
In Europe I've seen so much art work adorned with gold leaf, it was the right use of it on the upper moon. It adds a note of sacredness, a concept that is a little frayed nowadays, without necessarily being linked to religion. To me, gold is magnificent, and sacred, yes, for it remains a rare metal after all.
I will keep doing 10x10s as they allow me to work faster and I like the format, but I am working on some larger pieces, which take longer, indeed. Drum roll...

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