Après la pluie, le beau temps

Acrylics on board - 10 x 10 in.

This was a really fun yet challenging piece to create. I had worked on placing several layers of paint, and when I laid the whiter one, this humanoid appeared. I could have modified it with the stroke of a brush but I might have felt guilty to take its life away. Thus, it stayed. It was not easy to make the rest happen, but working carefully and taking my time tied it all together. The hardest part was looking at it from different angles and try NOT to see a human shape in order not to be too attached to it so that I would be able to change anything, even it, if necessary. 
I work on several pieces at once. This way, when I feel bored or running out of options, I go to another. These days, I have mostly larger works going on, but still finishing those smaller ones that demand attention.

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