Towards becoming a professional artist

This year, I decided to finally embark on the path to becoming a professional artist. Not a small thing, considering that the world probably could care less to have another artist. But does it need it? YES! I keep reading about being showing something different, and I feel that I am. I was sketching and doing watercolors and as of March, entered an abstract realm that is new and suits me well. I am not sure where I fit, and I'm not sure the world will like it, time will tell.

There are so many things to cover before I actually become a little bit known.

1. Painting! It remains the reason why I want to do this. It's about holding a brush, and doing my work, primarily.

2. Social media and networking, which lives in the realm of marketing. I am not fond of having to spend more time than I want on that, however it is a amazing tool nowadays and I am grateful to have access to it.
3. Marketing. That is THE largest part of getting anywhere. It includes many areas to cover.

There are more than 3 but those are the main categories. So, I better keep at it.

On a great note, I have been selected by a friend and artist to be in the upcoming Jackson Rising IV. It is happening soon, more on that in a coming post.

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