Slow and patient

Today is a new day! I love getting up in the morning and feeling the full potential that lies ahead. However, I am learning fast that becoming a professional artist is not easy. Not easy at all, in fact. After the conviction that I would sell paintings fast, that I would be quickly be able to stop working in graphic design and paint all the time (how naive), I have understood over the past few days that it's not how it goes. Unless one is extremely lucky, have unheard-of talent, and is noticed by some collector, slow and patient is the norm.

I have be listening to the radio show Artist Helping Artists, also available in podcasts, and it's a gold mine of information. And now I get it: you need to be very prepared before you enter the selling world. And it takes time to get there. I will write more on this as I go.

When I thought that such news would make me depressed, when I had high hopes, I actually relaxed! How surprising! What happened is that it took the pressure off to succeed today. The concept of giving myself 2 or 3 years to go into the art business is just what I needed right now, as I was pushing pretty hard. I was simply going to exhaust myself, and was feeling stressed. Suddenly, a weight has lifted and I can paint with my heart, to my heart's content too, and work towards building inventory over time.

Slow and patient allows me to set up goals and a plan. Starting with today, I will, in any order:

  • paint 3 hours
  • write a blog post (done!!)
  • work on MindMeister to organize my thoughts and plan my path.
May also your day be filled with potential, and realizations,

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