A great success at the Art Association “Jackson Rising IV” opening reception!

Friday night saw the works of 9 artists being displayed, mine amongst them. It was a lively show, with many people showing up: the reception was part of the Fall Arts Festival and Palate & Palettes, thus attracting quite a crowd. 

It was my first participation to a group show of this size and to see my 7 paintings featured on a large wall, and in the best location, was a true reward. All paintings are different, but my style is clearly established and the whole was cohesive. Many art lovers were present, asking me numerous questions about why I paint this way, what inspires me, drives me, how I create this or that, and I was blown away by the overall response. People really liked what I did and they validated my hard work. 

One of my works was sold, "Summer Between the Sun and the Moon" (keeping the buyer’s name anomymous, but I'm honored). I am grateful for his support, and it motivates me to keep pushing further. I have so much to paint and share, it’s the best part of being an artist! I also want to thank all those who came to see my work, specifically: your support is invaluable!

I can now rest a little, yet I don’t want to “rest upon my laurels” (French expression), and here are 3 actions I intend to pursue by the end of the year: 

1) entering 5 juried shows
2) speak to H.S. about having a solo show at one very very popular place in town
3) ask the newspaper about creating a portrait in the local newspaper

… and paint daily!

Enjoy your week,


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