On selling your art through social media

Being an artist means spending a lot of time on your own, doing what you do best, your art. It can be a bit lonely at times, as a social life is not easy to bring into the picture. If you are a total hermit and never need to see anyone, perfect, but it’s probably not the norm. And it is well-known now that being social is an important part of healthy brain function. The other side of being social is that it is a critical step in order to get your artwork out in the world. If you’re not already doing that, read on.

About the whole aspect of selling your artwork online. I am finding out all about it these days, studying options and ways to do it well, and slowly moving forward that, rather than gallery sales. The reason for that is that for a minimal investment, you can see new collectors come to your store and buy your work. It does take a bit of work, and that does involve social media. 

Some pointers as far as what you can do:
  • Blogging: keep people informed of what you are doing. Blog a couple times a week, or more. Inform potential art collectors about what you’re doing, what is happening in your artworld. You never know who might be interested.
  • Facebook is now a fabulous tool, and I am going to use it shortly: for a small fee, $10 or $20 a week, you can reach quite an audience. Cory Huff at The Abundant Artist tells you all about it
  • Instagram: great tool and here is Cory Huff’s take on it 

There are other options, but these three are a good place to start.

What about Twitter? in my opinion, it is helpful for getting known, but I find it a lot of work. I like participating in the occasional chat, but it takes too much time overall. I keep it as recreation.

*Note that I am not getting any commission for mentioning Cory Huff’s website. I simply like what he does and am considering following some of his courses eventually.

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