Tooting my own horn

A week from now, Friday Sept. 11, is the opening reception for the Jackson Rising IV exhibition. I am part of it, as I have been nominated by an artist friend of mine. It came to a total surprise in July, yet it came at the perfect time, as I was painting - and still am - daily and had much to show.

There are 8 other artists, and this exhibition will be part of the famous yearly Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. I will have 7 paintings showing and this has come at a very auspicious time! I have so much to paint and share, I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, and intend to go much further. This involves selling my art online, rather than approach galleries locally and nationally - at least for now.

My collection is all about my dream-like world. It is abstract, yet I am inspired by nature so much that it comes out in its own ways in the pieces. I like that they are all open to interpretation. That is my intention: to make the viewer decide what they are seeing, to take them away from the every day scene. Specially in Jackson, where art is all about the scenery and fauna. We’ll see what the reaction is. I know what I do is unique. But it’s hard to be a prophet in your own country, and I am not sure I have my place in Jackson. Time will tell. Thus the goal to sell online.

I am working on it daily, and my next steps are:
- redo my website
- create my Facebook page
- get business cards printed

Have a great week-end,


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